Dennis Muller

Dennis has worked in the Electrical Supply Industry for 30 years, beginning his career at Integral / Endeavour Energy as an Electrical Linesman. After seventeen years with the organisations, Dennis joined the Endeavour Energy Training Centre as a trainer, later becoming an Apprentice Training Coordinator. In this role, Dennis trained staff in all areas of line work and safety, which included Endeavour Energy Safety Rules, Pole Top Rescue, Live Low Voltage Panel Release, Elevated Work Platform Controlled Descent Device, Elevated Work Platform Ground Rescue, Working at Heights and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

In 2013 Dennis started his own business as a contract trainer. Dennis continued to train in the areas he’d been working in, as well as adding Working Safely Near Live Electrical Apparatus as a Non-Electrical Worker and First Aid to his scope.

Dennis also has experience working with the South West Institute of TAFE, training Apprentice Line Workers and Electrical Fitters to become Linesmen.

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