Adrian Parker

Adrian has been practising both Transmission and Distribution Live Work for over 14 years and has been a Live Work Trainer for four years. His career has included fieldwork, method development and training. Adrian has trained and audited live work crews in every state and territory of Australia.

As well as being a member of the National High Voltage (HV) Live Work Forum, Adrian has recently been elected by his peers to sit on an Energy Networks Australia (ENA) Forum sub-committee that will be writing a national guideline for the testing and inspection of High Voltage Live Work Sticks.

Adrian attends the E-OZ Technical Advisory Committee meeting for the Transmission, Distribution and Rail sector and has been heavily involved in the writing and revision of the current nationally recognised units for live work training found in the UET12 Training Package.

Adrian’s expertise is in Distribution and Transmission Line Work, including Live Work – Stick, Glove and Barrier.

Meirav Dulberg