Graham (Fred) Marshall

ESI Instructor / Assessor

Fred started his career in SA with the Electricity trust of South Australia in 1984, he was a linesman/cable joiner and progressed to become a live liney. There for 10 years then went to Esperance in WA and worked for Western Power also linesman/ cable joiner and later retrained to become a live liney in WA. Fred was there for 7 years then moved to Queensland and got a job with Ergon Energy in Hervey Bay and for the last 8 years he has been a trainer/assessor with them. He has been lucky enough to see this industry change and has been able to keep up with these changes especially the safety aspect of it, from productivity being the main performance indicator to now safety being the main performance indicator. Also the inclusion of computer technology. He started his own training business in 2015 and now contract to Enersafe and train refresher training, Working Safely Near Live Electrical Apparatus as a Non-Electrical Worker and First Aid.

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