Power Awareness- Refresher - PA2

Course Name:
Power Awareness- Refresher

Included UOC’s/Qualification

Day 1 (8 hours)

HLTAID001 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation Issued Skillset: UETSS00022 - Refresher - Perform CPR

UETTDRRF10B Provide first aid in an ESI environment Issued Skilset: UETSS00034 - Refresher - Provide First Aid in an ESI Environment

UETTDRRF02B Perform Pole Top Rescue Issued Skillset: UETSS00026 - Refresher - Perform Pole Top Rescue

UETTDRRF03B Perform EWP rescue Issued Skillset: UETSS00024 - Refresher - Perform EWP Rescue

UETTDRRF06B Perform Rescue from a Live LV Panel Issued Skillset: UETSS00028 - Refresher - Perform Rescue from a Live LV Panel

UETTDRRF08B Perform EWP Controlled Descent Escape Issued Skillset: UETSS00023 - Refresher - Perform EWP Controlled Descent Escape

DAY 2 (4 hours)

UETTDREL14A Working safely near live electrical apparatus as a non-electrical worker Issued Skillset: Recognition of Current Competency

Endeavour ESR Refresher

Duration and delivery & assessment
1.5 days
Face to face classroom based delivery
Practical and written Assessments
Delivered in: NSW, VIC, Queensland, WA, SA

Maximum group size: 
12 Participants

Cost: $2700 class booking of 12 or $400 per person


This course is designed for persons required to work on or near electrical distribution infractstructure.
It has been designed to meet regulatroy requirements of Austarlian States regulatory electrical supply industry training requirements. 
This course is suitable for:
- Accreditated Service Providers
- Persons required to be a part of work team that needs to work near electrical distribution equipement, i.e. tree trimmers, excavator drivers and underground service relocations, powerline workers, electrications and spotters.
At completion you will receive nationally transferable Units of Competence

Entry Requirement:

This course requires the participants to actively engage in simulated and professionally supervised rescue procedures. You will be expected to demonstrate through simulated activity the completion of them. 
We recommend that you are physicallly capable of:
- handling a ladder
- some attached climbing techniques
- stepping into and out of EWP bucket

You will be required to bring and wear rated safety clothing applicable to the work environement.
- enclosed footwear
- long sleeave pants and long trousers
- hard hat

USI Number- This is to be recorded on your enrolment form and verified prior to a certificate being issued.

Identification- Drivers Licence, passport or Medicare Card

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