NBN HFC Technician - HFCT

Course Name:
NBN HFC Technician

Included UOCs

Duration and delivery and assessment
7 days for all units
(9 hour days)

Maximum group size: 
Minimum 10 participants
Maximum 12 participants

Cost: NBN funded options available otherwise private fee-for-service rates to be discussed on application.


Works predominantly from the tap up to the optical node (aerial and underground) within the HFC/Outside Plant network, but can also work tap down. Interprets and understands technical design drawings and specifications. Prepares, terminates and connects local distribution (hardline) cabling and lead-in. Organises and monitors cabling to ensure compliance with standards. Performs cut overs to new systems and equipment. Performs radio frequency measurements, including commissioning, testing, locating and rectifying complex faults.

Entry Requirement:
No prior Telecommunications training or work experience required.