Distribution Live Work Training - DBLW

Course Name:
Distribution Live Work Training

Included UOCs
UETTDRDP13A - Maintain energised high voltage distribution overhead electrical apparatus – Stick
UETTDRDP14A -Maintain energised HV distribution overhead electrical apparatus (glove)

Duration and delivery and assessment
Approximately 4 weeks
Face to face

Maximum group size: 
Minimum 10 participants
Maximum 12 participants

Price dependent upon:

  • location

  • course size


This course covers the maintenance of energised high voltage distribution overhead electrical apparatus using high voltage live line sticks and gloves. It includes the verification of the site conditions and the potential hazards, the conformation and calculation of physical loads and the selection of appropriate and authorised work method. It includes the preparation and cleaning of specialist material and tools in accordance with authorised technical instructions.

This course would be suitable to workers who have a requirement to work on a High Voltage Distribution Network that incorporates Live Line work into work schedules. This is a specialised field that requires on-going evaluation.

Entry Requirement:

The following pathways are the only way to be eligible for enrolment in to this course and certified evidence will be required to be submitted.

Pathway 1: Have completed a Certificate III in ESI - Power Systems - Distribution Overhead 

Pathway 2: There is a number of pre-requisites required for course entry. Please contact us to discuss further.

Please wear full PPE e.g. bring your own hardhat, gloves and harness
USI - This is to be recorded on your enrolment form and verified prior to a certificate being issued.
Photo Identification - Drivers Licence or passport.
Schedule of Live work tasks to be assessed for practical competence.

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